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A driver is a small software that allows an operating system to interface with another piece of hardware or software. It acts like a translator between the hardware device and the program that is using that device. Most programs use generic commands for action. The driver translates these generic commands to specialized instructions for that device.

In a perfect world, there would only be one kind of computer commands for all the programs, but that is not the case. Operating systems (programs) are evolving for technical and commercial reasons every day, causing compatibility issues between devices and computers because their drivers do not understand the new set of commands.

Getting and keeping all your devices working means having the most recent drivers, firmware. Drivers are also referred to as firmware.

Same goes for your printers. No matter which printer you own; HP, Ricoh, Dell, Cannon, Epson or Lexmark. Without appropriate driver it will not function and give you error messages.

Our Technicians are experts in solving driver issues for all types of printers. We will connect to your computer online, find out the root cause of driver errors or other printer problems and then fix them instantaneously upon your permission.

Whole process is completely secure with 100% satisfaction guarantee

100% customer satisfaction.

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