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Support for Dell Printer

Dell pioneered low cost PC manufacturing and has become the third largest PC vendor in the world behind HP and Lenovo. After capturing big chunk of PC market in 2002 Dell expanded its product line to include other PC peripherals such as printers as well. Though not one of the premier manufacturer of printers, Dell have gained a good amount of market share by bundling the printer as a promotional give away with its computers and laptops

Dell printers may occasionally give you problems with not responding, error messages, too much ink consumption etc.

Printer Troubleshoot

Printer Driver & Software

Whatever the Dell printer in use; home or office, spend less time worrying and resolving your technical issues by putting us to work for you. Let us fix your dell printer and restore your productivity.

Our no-nonsense and efficient support is customized to meet all your needs. We can help with:

Installation and setup
  • Setup/Installation of your Printer
  • Installation of Printer Drivers
  • Installation of Windows printer drivers
  • Setup your printer to work with your new machine
  • TCP/IP printer installation
  • Configuring network printer with your PC
  • Configuring the multiple capabilities of your printer device namely, scanner, copier etc
  • Wireless Network Setup And Maintenance
Drivers and software issues
  • Driver Updates
  • Latest software updates
  • Resolving driver compatibility issues
  • Upgrade the firmware for your printer
  • Update drivers for newer operating systems
Troubleshooting common issues of printers
  • Correcting Plug and Play Errors
  • Troubleshooting carriage jam on a printer
  • Clearing print jobs in your print queue
  • Fixing printer turn offs
  • Troubleshooting of spooler error messages
  • Troubleshoot printing and scanning issues
  • Printer Software Optimization for improved performance.
  • Replacing print heads and resetting combinations
  • Replacing print (inkjet) cartridges
  • Replacing toner cartridge in Laser printer
  • Hardware advice and upgrade help
  • Ratio fixation while printing.
  • Common log errors
  • Error codes on screen.
  • Resetting the printer

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