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Canon is a giant in imaging and optical products manufacturing such as cameras and camcorders. Canon labs are responsible for technology behind best quality printers. Its continuous drive to get better printable image has led to its natural progression into manufacturing best quality printers.

Canon was worlds first manufacturer of Inkjet printer using its patented bubble jet technology. Its bubble jet technology has completely revolutionized the consumer segment of printing and continues to be the leading innovator with new technologies such as MicroFine Droplet technology for Inkjet printers.

Canon PIXMA inkjet line is the most popular consumer line with products;
  • PIXMA Photo All-In-One Printer
  • PIXMA Office All-In-One
  • PIXMA Photo Inkjet Printer
  • PIXMA Pro professional inkjet printers

Canon Laser Beam printer technology was behind the print-engine found in the leading laser printers in the industry. First Apple laser printer, HP laser printer, all used Canon Laser Beam engine

Canon consumer and home office laser printer line is imageCLASS and its enterprise products laser product line is imageRUNNER

We are experts in resolving any of Canon technical issues . We have large pool of dedicated Canon technical support staff to help you through any issue that you might have with your Canon printers.

You do not have to carry your printer anywhere. We can screen-sharing log into your computer for an instantaneous fix. You can call our technicians any time round-the-clock to resolve various other issues related to your Canon printer; such as

Installation and setup
  • Setup/Installation of your Printer
  • Installation of Printer Drivers
  • Installation of Windows printer drivers
  • Setup your printer to work with your new machine
  • TCP/IP printer installation
  • Configuring network printer with your PC
  • Configuring the multiple capabilities of your printer device namely, scanner, copier etc
  • Wireless Network Setup And Maintenance
Drivers and software issues
  • Driver Updates
  • Latest software updates
  • Resolving driver compatibility issues
  • Upgrade the firmware for your printer
  • Update drivers for newer operating systems
Troubleshooting common issues of printers
  • Correcting Plug and Play Errors
  • Troubleshooting carriage jam on a printer
  • Clearing print jobs in your print queue
  • Fixing printer turn offs
  • Troubleshooting of spooler error messages
  • Troubleshoot printing and scanning issues
  • Printer Software Optimization for improved performance
  • Replacing print heads and resetting combinations
  • Replacing print (inkjet) cartridges
  • Replacing toner cartridge in Laser printer
  • Fixing printer turn offs.
  • Hardware advice and upgrade help.
  • Ratio fixation while printing.
  • Common log errors.
  • Error codes on screen.
  • Resetting the printer.

Printer Troubleshoot

Printer Driver & Software

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